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Courses are primarily designed with anime and manga artists in mind, though you can also find courses suited for digital artists in general. From the courses you can learn how to draw authentic anime and manga art. You can also learn a lot about digital line art and line work, and also how to cel shade and color your drawings to their absolute best form. Some of the courses have templates and other resources that help you progress through the course.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend you start with the Crash Course on Anime and Manga Art, and, from there, move on to Digital Art Drawing Process.

Art Tutorials

Art tutorials give you glimbse to the reason an artwork exists. Art tutorials are a dive deep into the creation process of a given artwork. I’ll be explaining my thought process behind my artistic decisions, while also giving you new drawing techniques to explore. Think of these as a way to understand how an artwork came to be and why it exists, while learning techniques experienced in the artwork.


Workshops are a way for you to learn a specific drawing skill. Workshops always focus on one specific thing and it’s made so that the workshop is easy to follow and easy to put into practice. These are step-by-step guides that help you understand the nuances of a given subject for example, glass and metal.

Foundational Techniques for Drawing Digital Anime Art

Over the years, I’ve gathered unique drawing techniques, whether it’s about coloring, drawing line art, shading, layer management, etc. All of these are honed over the years, and this guide has them all. Foundational Techniques is a comprehensive guide on how I draw and create 99% of my drawings. 1% is left for innovation, which tends to happen in each artwork I create (these secrets are shared in individual art tutorials). This is a hefty guide, so take your time.


Art Style Explorations

Art style explorations dive deep into certain anime art styles you can see being created by world renowned animation studios. The art style explorations are deep dives into what makes their art style unique and what you can learn from them. These style explorations teach you how to draw in a specific art style, while keeping the focus on dveeloping your own art style in the process.