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Digital Anime Coloring and Cel Shading Masterclass: Beginner to Advanced

21 Lessons (1h 28 min)

In this course, I’m teaching you how to color and shade anime drawings. In the first lessons, we go through some of the most important features of layers and folders, dive deep into clipping masks, and learn how to use transparency locks efficiently.

Next, you will learn important concepts about how to color and shade anime eyes. We will also briefly tackle how to color anime clothes, after which we will explore how to cel shade different objects.

When the fundamentals are covered, you can download a template I’ve provided so you can practice how to color and cel shade a ready-made drawing. This will speed up your learning immensely as you can focus on coloring and not on drawing line art.

This course’s coloring and cel shading principles are suitable for all levels. There are more than likely some neat tricks and tips even for you veterans to learn.

If you’ve struggled with cel shading and coloring before and would like to improve your anime drawings, this class might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

I’m glad you’re here with me, and I hope I can show you various tips and tricks for coloring and shading your anime drawings. Let’s get going!

Introduction, Basic Settings, And Tools

Fundamentals Of Coloring And Shading Anime Art

Coloring And Shading The Anime Drawing


In this course, you will learn the different line art techniques I’ve developed over the years and how you can become confident with your line art.

You’ll learn the difference between textured and solid line art, as well as thick and thin line art. I will also show you step-by-step how to draw long lines and gradual line art the right way. We also go through drawing tablet settings and some canvas settings so the base settings are correct for that crisp and smooth line art.

There is a template, a sketch of a kind, which I will be using to demonstrate the line art techniques and the process to you. You can download the template to speed up your learning process.

I will be using Clip Studio Paint art software to demonstrate the line art techniques, but the main principles taught in this course apply to most art software available today.

If you have been struggling with line art before, I hope this course will shed some light on you and help you overcome the struggles you are facing when drawing line art.

I’m glad to have you here with me; now grab your drawing tablet and stylus, and let’s draw some awesome line art!

Introduction And Basic Settings

Fundamentals Of Drawing Digital Line Art

The Process Of Drawing Line Art


Welcome to my course on Sketching from the Imagination! In this course, we’ll explore the art of drawing from memory, observation, and pure imagination.

Let’s start by building a strong foundation. Here, we’ll focus on growing your visual library by gathering reference images from various sources and understanding the two levels of artistic imagination.

After igniting your imagination to new levels and seeing how you can build upon your existing visual library, we will delve into drawing without external references and focus on drawing from your mind. You will learn how to bend your imagination to new places while learning to think in 3D.

Aside from learning to better understand your creative mind, we will do fun little exercises that make your drawing process so much fun while only applying two simple concepts to it.

Through practical exercises, you’ll sketch concepts from basic shapes, refine your sketches, and add details to create captivating artwork, all with the power of your mind and imagination.

As we conclude our journey, take time to reflect on your progress and continue honing your skills beyond the course. Remember, creativity knows no bounds, and with practice and dedication, you can unleash your full artistic potential.

Grab your pen or stylus, and let’s get started!

Igniting Imagination

Bending Imagination

Bringing Imagination to Life

Artistic Development: Nurturing the growth of your unique art style, this course guides you from brainstorming to sharing your creation online.

Sketch to Share: Learn to turn ideas into a detailed blueprint, refining and bringing your vision to life with line art and color.

Progress Unveiled: Dive into progress shots that demystify each phase, ensuring you understand the purpose and significance of every phase.

Structured Process: Bid farewell to uncertainties in starting or finishing your digital drawings.

16 Lessons (2h 53 min)

Includes Patreon-specific BONUS lesson (Drawing Anime face and Head From an Angle )

In this transformative journey, you will master the essential foundations of drawing believable anime and manga art. We begin by going through the structure of anime eyes, progressing to explore the various nose styles and the boundless possibilities of anime mouths. Together, we’ll craft an anime face and head from scratch, with step-by-step guidance ensuring you can effortlessly follow along and create alongside me.

Unlock the secrets to anime hairstyles, eyebrows, and subtle tweaks that dramatically alter facial expressions. In the final chapters, we demystify the art of sketching hands and reveal the fundamental human body proportions.

Imagine this course as your comprehensive guide to the heart and soul of authentic anime and manga artistry. By the end, you’ll not only understand what makes manga truly manga, but you’ll also exude confidence in bringing your anime and manga characters to life.